Paid Positions Available

With immediate effect I am instituting a policy of paid positions within the corp. Current Vacancies are:

Mining Director/s: 50% of mined min value OR 20% of corp profits per week
Required: Be able to fly at least a Hulk, Preferably also an Orca.
Preferable: Real life people management skills and experience.

PVP Directors / Trainers: 20% of corp profits after expenses per week
Required: High level of combat skills, including ewar, Leadership skills, Fleet combat experience.
Preferable: Fleet combat Leadership experience, Pirating/Merc experience, RL administration skills.

PVP combat/scouts: 5 mill isk per hour plus medals for successful engagements.
Required: Able to use Warp disruptors, Webbers, ECM.
Preferred: Able to use T2 weapons, full account.

Salvagers: 10mill isk per hour
Required: Dedicated salvage ship (at least destroyer) able to use tractors, ab, and salvagers.

Recruiters: 5mill isk per verified new member on a full account.

New members are welcome to join pending qualification, 1mill isk paid to help with skillbook costs, and general game help always available.
Miner1, pvp scout and salvager positions are all trainable for within a week, so open to trial accounts.

To apply: Our headquarters is in Kisogo State War Academy. Look us up in the list of Headquarters in station and click apply. If someone invited you please state their name in the application.

If Kisogo is far from you we have a number of other offices, ask a member for details of your nearest office.

Public Venture Enterprises FAQ:

Why Is The Site So Hard To Read?: PVE-Log is optimised for the Eve-Online Ingame Browser. Try Reading ingame; if you were given a link just click it instead of using copy-paste.

What is PVE?: Public Venture Enterprises was formed for players of Eve who want to mission with the help, support and friendship of other like-minded players. PVE is about co-operative play. PVE is also the title of a chat channel where you can join the weekly missioning event even if you are not in PVE corp. PVE also happens to stand for Player Versus Environment, the opposite of PVP (Player Versus Player).

You are called PVE, does that mean you don't PVP?:

We do not pirate but we will fight in defence of our members, and we occasionally hunt pirates.

Where can I find you?: We have many offices, join us ingame to be informed of your nearest office at Channels & Mailing lists -> Channels -> Join -> PVE -> OK

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