So you want to be a CEO?

1) Get some experience of being in a player corp before starting one, to see what works and what doesn't. There is nothing that puts people off joining a corp faster than seeing corps of one with a 2 day old CEO who has only just left the training academy and barely had time to get through the tutorials.

2) There are 2 valid reasons for starting a corp:

Providing something that no-one else does.
Providing a home for an already established group of friends.

If you don't meet those criteria it will be assumed you just want to boss people around.

3) Don't recruit for a new player corporation in a system with a level 4 agent, you are unlikely to get many takers.

4) Recruiting in local anyway is generally considered in much the way as a telephone sales call. If you must do it keep it brief and have some connection to what happens in that system.

5) New corps that are not in a militia or an alliance are unlikely to attract much interest at all at the moment. Consider joining one to expend your playerbase.

6) You'd better be around a LOT, at least in the early days. Until you have reliable directors you are the first and only figurehead for the corp. If you're never online it's a pointless endevour.

7) You also need to know what you're talking about at least within your corp's specialist field, or younger players than yourself will soon drift away.

8) Recruiting for a small corp is the hardest job in the world. When people join a corp they usually do so to have people to talk to, as well as to share resources, The fewer people there are in a corp, the less likely it is there will be someone else there when you log on. Have at least a couple of core players in the corp to start with that you can rely on, or be prepared to be happy being in a corp of one.

9) If you're taking tax from people you'd better have something to give back in return.

10) Corporations full of new players are prime meat for pirate corporations. It costs a tiny amount to declare war upon you so that your corporation can be shot and even podded anywhere. Yes, even in HiSec space.


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You are called PVE, does that mean you don't PVP?:

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