Well as I got killed yesterday this seems like a good time to start a new blog, something I've been meaning to do for a while.

Before you shed too many tears for me you should know that I was only in a destroyer at the time, salvaging and collecting bandit spurs in 0.4 when a pirate by the name of Dredx came along and saw an opportunity for an easy kill. I hope he has it posted on a killboard somewhere to show how proudly he killed a ship armed only with tractor beams. Anyway I stupidly didn't warp away immediately and he then promptly podded me so here I am. A couple of weeks ago I would have been really annoyed by that but since the advent of the LP shop the implants dont cost anywhere near as much to replace. Come to that, a couple of weeks ago you wouldn't have found me in 0.4 at all.

Still, the upside is that this means I have kill rights on Dredx. I do hope I meet him again.

Public Venture Enterprises FAQ:

Why Is The Site So Hard To Read?: PVE-Log is optimised for the Eve-Online Ingame Browser. Try Reading ingame; if you were given a link just click it instead of using copy-paste.

What is PVE?: Public Venture Enterprises was formed for players of Eve who want to mission with the help, support and friendship of other like-minded players. PVE is about co-operative play. PVE is also the title of a chat channel where you can join the weekly missioning event even if you are not in PVE corp. PVE also happens to stand for Player Versus Environment, the opposite of PVP (Player Versus Player).

You are called PVE, does that mean you don't PVP?:

We do not pirate but we will fight in defence of our members, and we occasionally hunt pirates.

Where can I find you?: We have many offices, join us ingame to be informed of your nearest office at Channels & Mailing lists -> Channels -> Join -> PVE -> OK

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