I just posted on the forums at escapist magazine with this post, in reply to a thread about Eve. Felt it was worth sharing here too;

Firstly, as has already been said Eve is very different from the other online games out there. As it is the only one I play (now) perhaps the easiest way to sum up the differences is to explain what drew me to it.

1) I am a serious science fiction writer and reader. I watch mainly SF TV, go to see mainly SF movies and read mainly SF fiction. I like the sprawling, complicated backstory and political scope of SF. Eve has this in abundance, and as a player you can influence things on a galaxy-wide scale.

2) I don't like games like Quake and Half-life online (though I do play HL single player for the plot). I don't own a console. I don't have the fastest reaction times in the universe and twitch games just irritate the crap out of me.

3) I do like RTS games that require some prethought before setting out. The games I've played most other than Eve were probably Sim City and the Sims, though they eventually both frustrated in that they were basically grind without an ultimate goal.

4) I am not the kind of person who dives headlong into the game. I've read posts on here about never reading the instructions. I always read the instructions, and often search around for additional information as well. I am prepared to put in time learning something new, and I enjoy doing so.

5) I am very sociable online. I send lots of emails, post on forums, run a blog (for Eve) and chat on irc when I'm not playing Eve. I also listen to internet radio and have in the past been a DJ myself (but not online, except in the sense that the station broadcast on the net too). I like chatting to people around the world with new opinions and knowledge.

6) I have quite a bit of free time at the moment, working only part-time, so I can afford to dedicate quite a bit of time to a game.

7) I have management experience, and know how to delegate, to lead, and be diplomatic when necessary.

8) I have decent math and computer understanding. I've also worked in internet support.

9) I like giving advice, and will spend time helping people for no other reward than their success, but I'm also prepared to accept advice from new and old.

10) I try not to offend or harm people in my day to day life but I'm also prepared to accept that sometimes people will offend me and it isn't the end of the world.

Read those points and think about yourself in comparison. If you consider yourself the opposite to the majority of them then yes; you will hate Eve-Online. And that doesn't necessarily mean you are an idiot, it just it isn't the game for you.

Public Venture Enterprises FAQ:

Why Is The Site So Hard To Read?: PVE-Log is optimised for the Eve-Online Ingame Browser. Try Reading ingame; if you were given a link just click it instead of using copy-paste.

What is PVE?: Public Venture Enterprises was formed for players of Eve who want to mission with the help, support and friendship of other like-minded players. PVE is about co-operative play. PVE is also the title of a chat channel where you can join the weekly missioning event even if you are not in PVE corp. PVE also happens to stand for Player Versus Environment, the opposite of PVP (Player Versus Player).

You are called PVE, does that mean you don't PVP?:

We do not pirate but we will fight in defence of our members, and we occasionally hunt pirates.

Where can I find you?: We have many offices, join us ingame to be informed of your nearest office at Channels & Mailing lists -> Channels -> Join -> PVE -> OK

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